SSC Uniformed Security Services

A security partner that provides the best security personnel is essential for protecting your business or facilities from external and internal threats.

Turn to the knowledgeable security specialists at SSC for a holistic, best practices approach to ensuring the safety of your human capital, safeguarding your assets and controlling access to critical resources.

Reduce vulnerabilities with a professional security company.


Protect your most valuable assets.
Meet regulatory requirements.
Avoid the consequences of security breaches — legal liability, employee morale, lost business,       loss of corporate value, loss of sensitive information, impact on your business reputation.
Achieve a safe and secure work environment .


SSC takes a proactive approach to security by reducing vulnerabilities and proactively managing risk. We provide a full range of security solutions using a unique multi-disciplinary approach. This approach includes an objective examination of existing protective measures and identification of vulnerabilities. We offer all-inclusive security services including assessing, designing, building, integrating, managing and monitoring. Our focus on the human factor is industry-leading. Our protection programs succeed because of our emphasis on the selection, screening, training and supervision of personnel.

SSC's experience and expertise:


More than thirty years of experience
      in the security business.
Highest retained client rate in the industry.
A full range of security service solutions.
High-availability services support through
     the 24-hour SSC Communications Center.

Partnerships with leading security
      technology vendors.
Industry leading knowledge leaders.
Highly credentialed staff and management.
Focus on well trained, professional
     security employees.

Experienced, pro-active, and dedicated to your business.  Contact SSC for a confidential Security Consultation.