Specialized Training Services for Security & Law Enforcement

SSC provides world-class training services.

Our team of specialists design, coordinate, and train in all aspects of security and law enforcement operations. As the scope, diversity and magnitude of threats continues to evolve, so does the degree of professionalism expected from those involved with security and public safety responsibility. We have a complete line of security and law enforcement training options available for educating and training private and public safety professionals.

Working with subject matter experts, we analyze industry training needs and build curricula to meet or exceed established certification requirements. SSC training courses are designed to support the career development requirements of private security and public safety professionals, and the compliance obligations of their employing departments.

Our training courses are applicable for pre-assignment, basic training, continuing education, in-service training and remediation programs. We can provide individual self-paced training that may be used as complete stand-alone courses, individual training modules — or used as supplements to existing training programs. Instructional areas range from the Criminal Justice system, law, investigations, patrol fitness, communications and traffic investigations to defensive tactics, use of firearms and vehicle operations.

SSC delivers course instruction in a number of mission-critical areas:


Questioning & Interviewing Techniques
Counter-Terrorism/Suicide Bombing
      Prevention Training
Management of Aggressive Behavior
Surveillance Detection
Corporate Intelligence Collection
Executive Protection Planning

Travel Security Planning
Behavioral Pattern Recognition
     (Specialized Israeli Program)
Tactical Training: Law Enforcement,
     Private Security, SWAT Teams

SSC Training Programs can be delivered at our training facilities or at the customer's site.


course delivery methods
Classroom Training
Tabletop Exercises
Full-Scale Functional Workshops
Red Team Exercises
Role Playing & Real Life Simulations

SSC instructors are true professionals with years of experiences and certifications in many topic areas. Additionally they are leaders with proven track records of delivering state of the art programs that generate proactive performance. If the list of subjects above do not fit your criteria, contact us to have a fully customized program designed to meet your requirements.

Experienced, pro-active, and dedicated to your business.  Contact SSC for a confidential Security Consultation.