SSC Security Consulting Services

How SSC works: thoughtful analysis and a pro-active approach.


Custom Security Solutions
Our security team will take the time to gain knowledge of the goals and requirements of your security program. We want to tailor our recommendations to your goals without burdening your resources.

– We meet with key personnel to understand your
    enterprise's goals and history.
– Analyze your known and suspected security
– We discuss your security budget and allocation of

A Thorough Evaluation
We evaluate your current security policies and practices. Then we compare your current policies and practices against your enterprise/business goals and accepted industry best practices and standards.
A Long-Term Partner
As a long-term partner in the security planning process, SSC can help your enterprise evolve with changing conditions without adding risk. Our comprehensive security solutions and proactive approach can lead to a reduction in your overall security costs.
Advancing Your Enterprise Goals
We analyze your business processes and their impact on security. This helps ensure that current security staffing and any proposed changes support your overall security, and advances your enterprise goals. SSC also wants to make sure that your security program and processes are providing protection for your most valuable resources and human capital.
Extensive Training to Match Your Needs
SSC trains our personnel to be consistent with your goals and requirements. Then we identify what everyone in your company needs to know to make your policies and practices effective and provide specialized training and workshops to educate them. The focus on the specialized training for your security staff, the rigorous requirements for management, and the employee's general awareness, are all essential to maintaining a safe and secure environment.


Experienced, pro-active, and dedicated to your business.  Contact SSC for a confidential Security Consultation.