SSC Corporate Intelligence & Investigation

Discover the value of an integrated security and investigative services firm.

An integrated approach to corporate security, compliance and risk is a growing trend for excellent reasons. More and more companies are learning that this approach enables them to not only meet and exceed security program and regulatory requirements, but also to enhance work environments and improve profitability. At SSC, we've cracked the code on integrated security programs — we provide a unified strategy that leverages the overlap between security and investigative activities and how each element ties to an effective corporate security program.

Returns for organizations that adopt an integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance are realized primarily in safer work environments, better hiring decisions and decreased insurance costs, as well as a competitive advantage from the ability to manage unknown risk. It is no longer possible to separate vulnerability & risk analysis from pre-employment screening or physical security controls from specialized security training and investigative research. Integrating all of these elements into your security program is what we do best, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Insurance Support
Corporate Compliance
Pre-Employment Screening

Forensic Accounting Investigations
Legal/Discovery Services
Corporate Fraud Investigations
Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Our highly-credentialed professionals will address your most sensitive issues discretely and provide you with the information you need, when you need it, to make the best possible decisions. With talent drawn from government, law enforcement and intelligence services, our investigators have contacts and resources around the world. They include forensic accountants, intelligence analysts, corporate security specialists, journalists, litigation consultants, regulatory experts and accountants.

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