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Aug 21, 2017 00:30
An Important Choice

We build client trust with a reliable, technologically adept team, leveraging years
of real-world experience and cutting edge industry knowledge and techniques.

SSC is in the business of protecting commerce, facilities and institutions. We are a multi-dimensional security provider, capable of meeting the diverse requirements of both large and small enterprise with uniformed security, technology and corporate investigative resources. SSC has become an integral part of corporate security programs for many of the nation's most important enterprises for good reason. Our greatest deliverable is reliability and we are absolutely committed to providing excellence across the broad array of security services we offer.

At SSC, our ability to look at your enterprise from a security viewpoint across all business units and to conduct high level, all hazards risk assessment and vulnerability studies distinguishes SSC from run of the mill security firms. Your security program planning should include everything from your hiring process to your compliance with state and federal regulations. The security vendor you choose must have the depth of experience and professionally accredited staff to understand and recommend solutions that will work for you across your business units and its various locations.

Points to consider when selecting a business security firm:

  Right for Your Company?
The stakes in retaining your existing security company can be high. They may well lack the necessary expertise to provide specialized security services and in the case of a national or international security company, those specialist services may not be available locally and/or may come with a huge price tag.
Responsiveness & Commitment
What about responsiveness? How long does it take to get an answer to a question or to resolve a service quality issue with your present vendor?
A Pro-Active Approach
Your security company's strategic approach is vitally important. With a professional security provider, you should receive regular recommendations to improve security operations. You want a vendor that will continually provide new and updated thinking, employing industry accepted best practices and capabilities in order to deal with the changing threats your enterprise may encounter.
The Human Factor
Despite the increasing variety of threats facing businesses today, most companies are still investing the bulk of their security budgets in basic perimeter security electronics and tools. Conducting business with a security company that does not appropriately consider the human factor and the role of people, both that of yours and theirs, in the security process can be detrimental to your security program.
Credentials & Experience
Most importantly, what about the credentials and education of the security company's management personnel. Are they true industry experts and do they have the experience and credentials to support your programs? If the expertise that resides with your vendor is half a continent away, how does that help you?
Highly Trained Personnel
Training is one of the most overpromised and under delivered words in the contract security industry. Trained personnel constitute the single most important deliverable that you should expect from your vendor. What are the benchmarks and metrics that your security vendor is using to protect your interests? How do they assess the training that you pay for and may not be receiving?

SSC Management's experience is international in scope and addresses security risk from a global perspective with the responsiveness that only a local provider can deliver. SSC employs world-class security management and knowledge workers in support of its clients programs. How does your present vendor compare? Choose the industry leader; choose SSC, a security vendor with a solid reputation, proven reliability and the best personnel in the industry.

Experienced, pro-active, and dedicated to your business.  Contact SSC for a confidential Security Consultation.